Specialty Hot Beverages
Our espresso based specialty beverages start with freshly ground espresso beans using our Eureka 75 espresso grinder. We then have a award winning GB5 La Marzocco Espresso Machine which does the rest by yielding a rich full body espresso shot with a fabulous crema

Try one of our tea lattes! We use Metropolitan loose tea and a premium syrup for our tea lattes, Award winning Chai Company Authentic Chai is used in our chai tea lattes

Our hot chocolate and café mochas are made with a quality Ghirardelli chocolate.

Milk Alternatives
We offer almond, soy, coconut and oat milk as alternatives for your customized specialty beverage.

Specialty Cold Beverages

All of our specialty coffees are available on ice for that refreshing cold drink on a hot summers day. Or try one of our brewed ice teas or a strawberry fruit smoothie.